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FMDS is proud to offer courses of the highest quality. The 100-hour Applied Kinesiology Certification Course is returning to Atlanta. This course will reinvigorate those who have taken it before and be a dynamic, mind-opening learning experience for first-time attendees. Scheduled conveniently for students, there are no sessions during midterms, boards, finals or breaks.

Led by lead instructor Dr. Todd Overdorf, along with Dr. Chris Montanaro and Dr. Bruce Shin, this series features multiple teachers of their individual areas of specialty – a unique approach in the USA. The expansive nature and scope of AK covers many perspectives.  With multiple teachers, multiple nuances can be presented.


This eight-session course is jam-packed with incredible information. The fee for students is $1600 for all eight weekend sessions, an incredible price of only $200 per session. For doctors, the fee is $2200. Individual sessions are $240 for students, $325 for doctors.

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Students: $1600

Doctors: $2200


1130 Northchase Parkway Suite 125, Marietta, GA 30067



Dr. Todd Overdorf

Dr. Chris Montanaro

Dr. Bruce Shin 

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Session dates

January 19-20, 2019
March 2-3
April 13-14
May 11-12
June 1-2
July 20-21
August 3-4
Sept 7-8

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