About Us

Professional Instruction:

  • Courses taught by qualified, trusted healthcare professionals
  • Focus on holistic functional myo-diagnostic methods
  • Non-profit model
The Team
Led By Trusted Doctors

Founder and President Dr John Wittle DC, DACBN, CNS, PAK

Dr. John K Wittle DC, DACBN, CNS has spent 24 years in professional practice towards forward education of Functional healthcare methods. He has advanced certifications in Clinical Nutrition( CNS, DACBN), Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Active Release Technique (ART), and Functional Medicine. His practice is focused on integrating the complex integration between physical, biochemical and emotional interactions. This includes the NEI (Neuro-Endocrine-Immune) Cascades, NEC (Neuro-Emotional Complex), and the Quantum concepts of the Triad of health. Dr. Wittle has sat on several boards over his career, notably executive board positions on the ICAK-USA for 8 years and for 13+ years on the International College of Applied Kinesiology where he was president for 10 years. He is the current president of the Functional Myo-diagnostic Society which helps to support AK and functional medicine education.

Current and Upcoming Educators

The doctors who teach with FMDS are selected for their excellent reputations in their areas of specialty. They all bring diagnostic treatment expertise that has engaged students and doctors alike for years. Our focus at FMDS is bringing high-quality educators to Atlanta students and doctors.