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DIBAK Review Course:

Curious about getting the DIBAK? Heard stories like: “its obscure”, “questions come from unobtainable sources”. Thinking: “what do I need to know”?

There is truth in all those questions and opinions. If you really want to know, then come take the DIBAK review course with the current president of the (IBE) Board of Examiners!

FMDS is proud to bring Dr. Alan Jenks from the Netherlands to help facilitate doctors looking to achieve their ICAK Diplomate here in North America



GA Chiropractic Neurology Center, Atlanta GA


Dr. Alan Jenks




October 12-13, 2019
Saturday 8:00AM to 6PM, Sunday 8:00AM to 6PM

Interlink Protocol Course Magog Canada!


Dr. Shafer has taken the original work of George Goodheart to another level. Diagnosis and treatment of rehab resistant injury is now a reality rather than a hope

The interlink Protocol brings functional neurology and AK principles together in an amazingly straight forward manner. The seminar focuses on precise muscle testing, using specific joint tissue proprioceptive challenge that allows one to differentiate injuries to ligaments, tendons, joint capsule, cartilage and bone.



Dr. Shafer will also show the diagnosis of peripheral nerve impingement involving both sensory and motor components; something that normal AK procedures cannot do.


A donut magnet and sonic toothbrush are essential for these protocols.  These will be included in with your registration. Early Bird Registrations also receive an additional tool for more tissue diagnosis.



Le Cep d’Argent, 1257 Chemin de la Rivière Magog –  Québec, Canada


Dr. Joe Shafer


Call John Millett at (905) 547-5393 or email at


Early registration before September 30th 2019

$380 (with coupon code)

After September 30th 2019



November 2 – 3, 2019
Saturday 9:00 to 17:00, Sunday 9:00 to 15:00

Dr. Joe Shafer returns to North America! 

For chiropractors, medical doctors and osteopaths, Dr. Joe Shafer’s innovative Neuro-Interlink is an ever-growing diagnostic technique and treatment method. This seminar will focus on the neuro-interlink as well as new discoveries in the retained emotional patterns and retained injury patterns.

NOTE: SCHEDULE CHANGE now November 9-10, 2019


Chiropractic Neurology Center; Marietta, GA.


Dr. Joe Shafer


Students $240
($300 after Sept 30)

Doctors $375
($425 after Sept 30)


November 9-10, 2019
Saturday 8:30AM-6:00PM; Sunday 8:30AM-2:00PM

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