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Dr. Gregor ICAK certified foundation:

DescriptionThe Functional Diagnostic Society ( is proud to again host the largest ICAK certified foundation course in the USA.  This is a hands-on course. 

4 Modules to get Foundation Certified and on a path to PAK status and if desired the esteemed ICAK DIBAK.

Lead instructor is Dr. JJ Gregor DC, DIBAK.  After countless courses, he is consistently the most revered teacher of the Foundation ICAK material.  Course will include other teachers as well for exposure.

This course is designed for students already in an AK club or curious to take the next step into professional level education and current doctors looking to refine their skills. Diagnostics and treatments of Professional Applied Kinesiology.


Sept. 18-19

Oct. 23-24

Nov. 13-14 

Dec. 11-12. 

Location: TBD near Marietta GA – Based on group size




Only $250 per module. 

Early Bird All-In ( Prior to August 15th ): 

$880 for all 4 sessions! 


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