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Foundation Course:

Official ICAK Foundations Course taught by 4 of the top North American Certified Teachers! 

This course offers credit toward PAK and DIBAK status.

The all new ICAK Foundations course starts a new module system on the path towards PAK status and a future DIBAK. This rework of the core information is designed to make it easier to start the massive journey that AK education provides through the ICAK.

(All too often, people lose valuable time and confusion getting over-whelmed trying to jump into advanced work.) This course is a conglomerate of multiple countries and professions to give a great foundation for any direction the practitioner wishes to go. Produced by some of the top teaching AK doctors in the world. 4 official teachers, means more expertise, more variety of knowledge, and a better experience to Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Jay Marienthal – September 12, 13 

Dr. Bruce Shin – October 10,11 

Dr. J.J Gregor – November 21, 22 

Dr. Charles Heroux – December 5, 6

Location: GA Chiropractic Neurology Center


Register now!  4 Modules with 4 top teachers!  Each module can be taken independently or as a group.  The 4 series is recommended.




Students: $220

Doctors: $325

All 4 Modules (Students): $800

 All 4 Modules (Doctors): $1200

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